Avondale     by Lexington

Lakeshore Curio Sky Blue Back Panel

Product Description:

Scaled at 49-inches wide and 92-inches tall, the Lakeshore curio makes a significant design statement as a single unit or in pairs. The piece has tempered glass doors, glass end panels, and five adjustable tempered glass shelves. Dimmable touch LED lighting strips on the top and sides of the piece serve to highlight the contents behind the glass, making it the perfect anchor item for any room. This item number represents the soft-sky blue back panel, but it is also available in the Alabaster white back panel as a 415-864 or the taupe back panel, item number 415-864TP. This flexibility offers the opportunity to customize the look of the piece.

Dimensions: 49W x 15D x 92H in.

Availability: In Stock

Item #: 415-864-LB

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