Lighten up and de-clutter your surroundings - Like the bulbs bursting forth along your front walk, Spring makes everyone think about fresh starts. That makes it the ideal season for sweeping away old, tired styles and bringing in a fresh, new look that’s better suited to the way you really live today. Here, we take a look at how to lighten up, from off-the-floor silhouettes, to nifty storage pieces that make de-cluttering your surroundings a cinch. One key to ensuring that traditional-style decor doesn't feel weighed down or heavy is to lighten up the overall look with leggy upholstery in sleeker styles that let light and shadows play beneath the furnishings. This setting from the new Quail Hollow Collection is an excellent example of "new traditional." Gone are the over-stuffed, skirted looks that we grew up with, and in their place are classic, off-the-floor upholstered pieces in neutral colors. Add the elegant, layered mix of patterns and this is traditional that looks right for today. Other ways to spring Spring (so to speak), is to let the light shine in with bare windows if you're lucky enough to be located in a spot where privacy is not a concern, as we've done here. If you do require window coverings, opt for airy sheers or lacy panels in the warmer months. Take a look at the rest of the textiles in your room. Pack up heavy winter throws and pillows in materials like wool, velvet or faux furs, and replace them with punches of summery color in cottons and linen. Among the key trends this season is crochet, and you'll see the colorful, open, web-like weaves showing up everywhere from the fashion runways to hot home design lines. Even granny squares are making a come-back, and these fun patterns make ideal, lighter layers in the warmer months. To instantly update your look for Spring, try tossing a crochet throw over your favorite chair for a hip and easy change.

On tabletops and mantles, keep it simple and pare down. Less is more and taking the time now to de-clutter means you'll have more time for enjoying sunny days and spend less time dusting and straightening. Again, think light and airy. Glass instead of brass for instance, wicker or sea grass accessories in place of wood. Sound overwhelming? One designer we know says a great way to make a clean sweep for Spring is to actually pretend you are moving. Another suggests standing in the center of your room and doing a quick turn. Chances are, the three items that stand out are the ones that could stand to be moved out and replaced, even if just for the season. Finally, since Spring is all about rebirth, don't hesitate to bring the outdoors in. That can be as simple as adding a few fresh daffodils to a side table, or forcing a single, dramatic flowering branch in your favorite vase!

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