Love all the seasonal shine? Here’s how to enjoy it year-round It’s the time of year we celebrate the beauty of metallics. From tinsel on trees to candelabras casting a golden glow, the holidays are awash in silver and gold accents. Then, after the New Year, most of us will carefully tuck all the shimmer and shine away until next year, boxing up the ornaments and treasured decorations we use to lift our spirits and help celebrate the season. How disappointing, especially since the light-reflecting qualities of silver and gold may be just what we need to fend off the lengthening shadows and shorter daylight hours that winter brings. In fact, our design team tells us that one of the most common decorating mistakes people make is failing to properly light a space.


  Home Furnishing trends and designs take their lead from the fashion world, and the runways have been positively alight in silver and gold metallics. That’s good news for those that want to add some glimmer and glam to their interior spaces, because silver, chrome and brass are adding sparkle to the most fashionable furniture pieces. As one member of our design team noted, “Besides adding allure and a sense of richness to a room, metal legs can create the illusion that a piece of furniture is actually floating above the floor, which adds a feeling of airiness, light, and by extension, calm.”  


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