Every year, Pantone – the global color authority for the professional design industries –announces a color of the year based on trends they see from around the world. This year, Pantone distilled down the complex global scene to recognize Radiant Orchid as 2014’s color of the year. The color is described as “captivating, magical and enchanting” having a “harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones.” Learn How Radiant Orchid was Selected  

orchid palette

Incorporating Radiant Orchid into Design

Be Subtle

Because of its vibrancy, Radiant Orchid pairs well with neutrals. Take for example the neutral-toned Chadwick Bed . By incorporating Radiant Orchid into the bedding, the hue provides a pop of color, without overpowering the room.  In addition, the floral arrangement on the nightstand ties-in the natural colors of the walls and rug, as well as the purple of the bedding. Finally, shimmering jewels on the accent pillow contrast the vibrancy of the Radiant Orchid, adding an element of texture.


 Chadwick bed 1    Chadwick bed 2

 Be Bold

For those who want to use the color in a more pronounced way, think about painting whole walls with Radiant Orchid. From here, layer in furniture with soft lines and muted tones.  To balance the dominant hue, incorporate wall art or mirrors, preferably in sets of three or five. To make an even bolder, avant-garde statement, try installing stark white flooring. The sharp contrast of white against purple creates an audacious, modern look.


Orchid stair
White stairs against the orchid hued wall creates a sharp contrast.
purple bathroom
Make a bold statement with stark white flooring and accents.


Bring it All Together

Whether you decide to utilize Radiant Orchid as your focal point or simply employ it as an accent, pay extra attention to the details. For example, use patterned fabrics integrating undertones of purple, fuchsia and pink to achieve a daring but cohesive look.  Or incorporate Radiant Orchid into the details on a china pattern rather than using it as a primary color, and then bring it all together through the use of pink or purple hues for placemats or table linens.

For more ideas, check out our Radiant Orchid Pinterest Board here!

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