Tis the season to celebrate, and no matter which holiday you honor at this time of year, the focus for most is on home and family. For those seeking a serene and sophisticated setting in which to gather family and friends, the watchword in fabric trends now is Belgian linen. In the Flemish town of Courtrai, located near the coast of the North Sea and the French border, artisans have been weaving pure Belgian linen from the world’s finest flax since the 12th century. Called the fabric of kings, linen’s natural luster and silky hand represent the ultimate in casual luxury. The material remains unrivaled for its custom tailoring abilities, and better yet, the more it is used, the more beautifully it ages, acquiring a unique patina over time. Indeed, according to Lexington Home Brand’s upholstery and fabric merchandiser Amy Huff, no other fiber offers such a unique blend of a truly natural product, with such elegance and comfort. Plus, she relates, Belgian linen is lint-free and non-allergenic, making it the most natural and environment-friendly choice for dressing oneself and one's home. That’s exactly what Lexington Home Brands had in mind in introducing its Images of Courtrai collection, earlier this year.  Courtrai’s proximity to France has infused its culture with informal elegance, and the entire collection is inspired by the artful expression of French and European antiques. Pairing vintage elements with weathered finishes, the collection is marked by classic styling with graceful lines and hand-carved details. Add the natural texture and laid-back luxury of Belgian linen, as well as the plush comfort of custom down seating, and Images of Courtrai makes for a collection of sophisticated and livable lifestyle looks that is both unexpected and intriguing. Colorwise, Huff says, “There is a pleasing neutrality to the color palette, with shades of gray, taupe, ivory, and silver.” Time to deck the halls!  


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