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As a Las Vegas native, interior decorator and stylist Lisa Escobar has a wide ranging portfolio. She has consulted and managed high-end residential and commercial spaces involving custom furnishings and decorating, new home designs, on-the-strip condo transformations and even restaurant construction.

Influenced by the glamor of Las Vegas, Lisa adds flair and high-style comfort with her every touch. She was a finalist in HGTV’s Fresh Faces of Design contest, which highlighted up-and-coming designers in a variety of categories.


We’re seeing distinct home trends that are being adopted by Millennials. Many are choosing to rent rather than purchase, selecting smaller and more intentional spaces. In stark contrast to the “McMansion” trend of a prior generation, they exhibit a preference for function over the traditional trappings of luxury living, focusing on elements they deem essential in furnishing their space.  

What types of essentials? Instead of seeking trophy pieces and changing décor to conform to the latest fads in pop culture, you’ll see them sticking to staple items. From a classic sofa (like this), to a pair of unique accent chairs (aren’t these perfection?) and perhaps a versatile cocktail table (here), these furnishings convey a sense of clean lines and good taste. The Millennial lifestyle clearly favors a transitional/contemporary look with an emphasis on function. This generational cohort is extremely mobile, so furniture designs need to be adaptable to different surroundings and layouts – from a loft with reclaimed wooden floors and an open ceiling, to a tiny city apartment.

So the challenge remains, “how do I select pieces that I like so much that I’m willing to have them travel with me?” As a designer, my answer would be to look for designs that stand on their own and don’t depend upon their surroundings to create the look. Seek items that combine classic lines with a cool, contemporary vibe.

One of my favorite new collections is Take Five from Lexington Home Brands. It offers a unique take on Mid-Century Modern design. With rich wood tones and amazing pops of color, the collection makes a dramatic design statement, regardless of the size of the room. There’s no doubt that you’d take this furniture with you wherever you move. The Broadway Hall Chest is my personal favorite. It’s the perfect piece as a bedroom dresser, media unit, dining room sideboard or even hall chest!

There is a great deal to be said about the Millennial mindset when it comes to interior design. Clean lines, contemporary styling, bold colors, functionality and adaptability are all terrific attributes. The key is to invest in quality pieces that will last, and select designs that you love enough to take with you. This generation’s approach to interior design is one that works for them. It’s also an approach that will work for clients of any age.

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