Make a Statement with Smart Entry Pieces - The area just inside your front door, commonly referred to as a foyer or entrance hall, is responsible for the first impression that every visitor has of your home. From a design perspective, foyers are usually smaller than the main living areas in terms of square footage, making these spaces a great place to splurge a bit on grander choices in flooring, wall coverings, lighting and accessories without worrying too much about bursting the budget. If you love color, this is the place to be bold. Same goes for pattern (think beautiful area rug or wall covering). And, since this is the space that sets the tone for everything that's to come, it's the ideal spot for furnishings that really make a statement.  

Along with sending a message about the people who live within, smart choices in entry pieces can go a long way in making busy lives easier if they also provide storage options. Since the foyer is subject to lots of foot traffic in the daily comings and goings of everyday living, tables, and furniture that includes drawers or doors that hide shelves can help corral clutter like daily mail, keys and handbags. Says Linda King, Lexington Home Brands' director of interior design, "For most families that are continually on the go today, the foyer is a landing zone. To really make this space work for you, think about how you come through the door after a long day. You're likely weighed down with bags, from work totes to groceries, an umbrella if it's get the idea. All of the stuff that we cart around with us every day needs a place to land that's easy to access and keep organized. That way, when you walk in, you're greeted by a space that makes you happy, rather than visual chaos!"  


Of course, the process reverses as you head out into the world. Given that the space is small, consider adding a mirror that will act as a focal point, visually enlarge the space by reflecting available light, and even more usefully, allow you to check your look on the way out. Most important, King says, "is adding some personal touches that reflect the personality of the people who live inside the home. The area should feel welcoming to all who enter and set the overall mood."


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