This time each year, our lives are filled with new meaning. The New Year brings opportunity to make a fresh start and begin anew. As the Chinese New Year dawns upon us, we find ourselves inspired by design elements and influences from the Far East. Red A symbol of happiness and fortune, red embodies the unbridled joy and spirit of the coming New Year. Believed to bring good luck and scare away evil spirits, this striking color cloaks the streets of China during the New Year celebrations. Impactful and inspiring, red makes a bold statement with its ability to bring energy and joy into a space.



  Bamboo With graceful strength and a sense of relaxed elegance, bamboo captures the spirit of the Far East. Deeply rooted in Chinese culture, the stalks were traditionally lit on fire during New Year to ward off evil spirits. Today, bamboo offers a design aesthetic that is authentically Asian. As versatile in form as it is in function, it can be used anywhere in the home.  


  Far East Feast The New Year is a time to reunite with loved ones as we gather around the dinner table to celebrate. In China, the traditional New Year's Eve feast offers families an opportunity to exchange gifts of good luck and warm wishes for the coming year.  The centerpiece of every dining room, the dining table provides a place for loved ones to come together, take a seat and simply enjoy each other’s company.  


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