Expert Tips for Decorating your Holiday Table


In anticipation of the upcoming holidays, we asked interior designer and stylist – Teri Mixson – for tips on how to create a beautiful tabletop.  Teri has 25 years of experience in residential and commercial interior design and styling.  She is responsible for product presentations in several high-end manufacturer showrooms at the High Point and Las Vegas furniture markets.  She also does set design for studio and location photography, as well as video at luxury residences through the United States.


Lexington Home Brands Design Team: How do you decide on a tabletop theme?

Teri:  I love to design around a specific holiday and generally use this as my starting point. From there, I determine if I want to use more traditional holiday colors or if I want to employ a color palette that really accentuates the room.  In the photograph above, we used red and green as our primary colors with accents of silver and gold.  


LHB Design Team: What’s your favorite holiday centerpiece?

Teri: Candles are my favorite centerpiece.  They are something I usually have on-hand and they add height to a tabletop without interrupting sightlines.  Candles also create a peaceful ambiance and add a warming, romantic sparkle.  


LHB Design Team: What are your favorite elements to incorporate into a design?

Teri: I like incorporating flowers and greenery into my tabletop design.  They add a pop of color, an element of softness and a fresh scent that really ties it all together. I always try to look for in-season bouquets that match the season I’m decorating for.  To create a particularly impactful environment, integrate the flowers and greenery into other places in the room – in the environment highlighted above, we added them to the bookcases to create extra punch.


LHB Design Team:  As the holidays approach, what should we be thinking about as we design our own tables?

Teri:   Always think about the sightlines of your guests.  To facilitate unobstructed conversation, use glass accessories of varying heights.  The transparency of the glass allows guests to see through the décor, while the varying heights allows for an array of views.  If you’re able, think about placing a little gift or special token at each place setting.  Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.


LHB Design Team: If you could only give us one decorating tip, what would it be?

Teri:  Try to create impact without clutter. Use simple elements that don’t crowd or overwhelm.  But perhaps most importantly, remember to relax and enjoy the festive environment you’ve created with the people who matter most to you!


Thank you Teri for taking the time to help us all create a more festive tabletop! 


Now that Teri’s shared her ideas, it’s your turn. 

What are your favorite elements to incorporate into a tabletop?

What inspires you when decorating for the holidays?

Do you have a question you’d like Teri to answer?

Charlotte on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015
I love it that the Sleuth is addressing ieusss that confound us all in our homes. The clutter that others leave absolutely drives me insane, and it a constant battle. We all want our homes to look good, but our families do not always share our sense of style and orderliness. I have a large living room with a couch, loveseat, chair, and separate ottoman, but also have to include arranging around a fireplace and television. It is not cluttered, but it is lined up on the walls. How do you rearrange without sacrificing space?

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