Contemporary Thanksgiving Table

As Thanksgiving approaches, we find ourselves thinking about the perfect tabletop.  While traditional autumn color palettes include burnt oranges, festive reds and vibrant yellows – we’ve decided to take a fresh approach with this contemporary, monochromatic setting.

So, how does one go about creating a tabletop as refined and interesting as this?  Let’s explore the elements that make it great and how to seamlessly tie them together.

A substantial, yet elegant combination of candles creates a romantic ambiance, while pulling-in classic autumn tones through the candle’s yellow flame and its auburn projection onto the metallic pumpkin.  Differing heights and quantities of candles creates an eclectic, sophisticated presentation.

Pillar candles take center stage when placed upon two elevated candleholders.  The coupling and height of the candles draws attention to the pairing while a mixture of glass and textured metal will captivate your guests.

Continuing with the autumn theme, the tabletop incorporates mercury glass antlers.  The use of mercury glass transforms the rustic antlers into a chic centerpiece, while its scale and angular shape highlights the soft silhouettes of the other pieces. 

Bringing balance to the table is this symmetrical place setting.  Lighter porcelain contrasts the dark stone plate and cloth napkin.  A touch of conventional autumn décor is inserted through the use of a delicate pumpkin with an auburn top.  

Finally, pulling the entire look together is the dining set itself. Carrera’s Modena double pedestal table and Vantage dining chairs feature clean lines and a sophisticated Carbon Gray finish that compliments the metallic tones of the pumpkins, antlers candleholders and silverware.  The decorative nailhead trim compliments the charcoal gray linen weave of the chairs and ties into the mercury glass used throughout the tabletop.

Now that we’ve shared our favorite contemporary tabletop, it’s your turn.


What is your favorite Thanksgiving centerpiece?

How do you decorate for autumn?

What is your ideal color scheme?

Kiim on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015
And by little truresaes, I assume you aren't referring to the string cheese-Ritz cracker goodie my daughter left me wedged between the tv and the wall right? Haha.Actually, my walls are decorated with framed fingerpaintings and other misc art projects we put together. I have one particular painting that we both did that included our handprints. And I treasure it.

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